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BACK Work Out

February 28, 2012 1 comment

The Defining FactorBACK

This will have you walking around like mighty mouse. #RealTalk

The Work Out:

Always start with a 5-10 minute warm up.  Try an exercise you have never tried before. Then throw in some head phones, Bump your favorite music, and envision yourself as you want to be.  FOCUS on your training to the point where it’s just you and the weights.  Get in your Zone, dance a little bit, and dont forget to smile.  Your about to better yourself mentally and physically.  #ItYourTime

The Lifts:

1. Dead Lift.  4×8

2. Reverse Grid Barbell Rows/ Regular Barbell Rows.  5×8 (warm up + 2 sets of each)

  • #SS (SuperSet)  One Armed Dumbbell Rows (Thats 8 Supersets, 4 each side #GetIt)

3. Pull Ups. 4×8

  • #SS (SuperSet) Lat Pull Downs

4. Seated Cable Row.

  • #DS (DropSet) Seated Cable Rows
5. Trap Circuit.  3 cycles.
  1. Dumbbell Shrugs. 8 reps
  2. Upright Rows. 8 Reps
  3. One armed shrugs with 45lb plate.  One side at a time.  8 reps each side.


What is a DropSet?

A DropSet is after the last rep of your exercise at heavy weight, you immediately drop the weight and do another set with as little time in between sets as it takes to drop the weight.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a method of physical conditioning in which you move from one exercise to another, in a series of different exercises performed with minimal rest.  It’s one after the other after the other.  #INTENSITY


Form. Form. Form.  Form is so crucial here guys.  Check your ego and start out light.  Get the proper form and feel the muscles working as you are lifting.  Keep your back straight, stick your ass out, and Do it it right.  After you get your form down, then comes the fun part, adding weight.  This is the one exercise, above all else, that makes me feel like a complete beast!  This will take every ounce of strength in your body.  When you set that weight down you WILL be walking a little taller.  #TheFewTheFit


Beast it out today guys!

-Joe Burch


Training Split Coming This Week…

This week starting Feb. 27 I will be posting my training in detail to give you an inside look at how to obtain an Aesthetic physique.  Stay tuned for the training routine in detail.  This is what I do BABY!

An Outline for the Posts this Week:

  • Feb. 27th Monday – TITS (Chest)
  • Feb. 28th Tuesday- BACK
  • Feb 29th Wednesday- SHOULDERS
  • Mar.Thursday – ARMS
  • Friday- LEGS

Lets Get it Going Guys!


– Joe Burch


February 1, 2012 1 comment

On that Insomniac Tip…. Had way to much motivation going through my Head.

Have you ever reached a point in life, where your going ALL IN?  Where your doing exactly what you want to be doing?

After graduating college I took the traditional root… for a few months.

Then I quit.  I stopped doing what I though I “should” be doing, and took the Leap, The Risk, The Chance… and I landed right where I wanted to be.

Its crazy. I’m finally there.  I am doing exactly what I want to be doing.   I am living in Miami, Working out like crazy ( Loving ever second), and modeling. I get up, Go to the Gym, and then I reach the most stressful time of day;  Pool or Beach? Pretty stressful right?

Since quitting, I have been to NYC, Philly, and currently Live in Miami.  How SIIICK is that?

I’m excited to see where it takes me.  I have no idea and love it!

Who knows where ill be on my next post.

All I gotta say is life’s too short to live with regrets.  Go ALL IN and never look back.  Chase your dreams and Live Life.  It really is AMAZING!

–Joe Burch

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